Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Dash

Last Sunday Pastor Randy said that  everyone has a date when they were born, and a date when they die. But the dash that is in the middle of the two dates are what matters most. So its like when you see the Big Man himself, he's gonna say, "Well _______. How did you spend your dash?" It's actually thought provoking. I mean it made me think. I sat back, and examined myself. I thought, "Humm, how am I spending my "dash"? Am I really doing my best to spread the Good word of God? To shine the light? Am I really living up to the standards that the Lord has already set for me? Am I just sitting around, wasting time?" I have friends who have gone out into different parts of the world doing mission trips. I really want the opportunity to go on one but I haven't. I want to, real bad. I'll just leave that up to the Lord, I'll wait for Him to direct me to the country that He wants to send me, and when He wants me to go. I'm praying about it now. I actually wanted to go with my friends to Montana. They are on a mission trip to the indian reservations in Browning. Well, I know that they were called, and they are certainly blessing the native americans, and spreading the goodnews of Christ. thanks be to God. I can't wait to see my friends at the end of this month. I know that this trip has impacted not only the lives of the Native American's, but theirs also.

Today was a very good day. I went to school, found out my grade from the exam that I took on Monday and THANK YOU LORD, lets just say I did extremely well. Today I also kept thinking about Lexa and Ryanne. I really didn't want them to go, but hey, I couldn't do anything about it. For some reason, I found so many pictures of them in my room today. I kept finding pictures from Christmas, birthdays, and pictures from when Lexa was just a little baby. They are family friends, but I really do care for them as if they were my own little sisters. I looked around my room and I saw the picture that Lexa drew for me when she spent the night. She colored it all nice and pretty. I hung it on my announcement board so I'll see it everyday.Ryanne left her hair tie in my room, awe....

alright, I gotta go and get some shut eye. Till next time..


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