Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Dear Jesus, July 20, 2004 1:38 am
Thank you for Lexa and Ryanne. Lord, only You know how much I love them. I care and cherish them as family, as my own little sisters. I am certain that You will keep them safe as they travel to Germany. In all actuality, they will only be gone for about three years or so, but to me it seems like forever. I will miss these two wonderful little girls tremendously. Bless their parents (whom I have grown to love dearly as my older Ate and Kuya). Bless them during their stay in Germany. Bless this wonderful family altogether. These next three years will be kind of sad for my brother and I Lord, because we won’t have two little girls spending the night, playing at the park, and dancing the otso otso for us, yet I know when they return, they will have plenty of wonderful stories to tell, and they will be three years older, more mature, and more like little ladies. I can’t wait. I love you Lord, keep them safe in Your arms. They are Yours, I lift them up to You once more, bring them back after three years ok Lord? Don’t let them be away for more than three years, I would miss them too much.
Amen (Missing you already Lexa and Ryanne)


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