Saturday, August 07, 2004

Ahh this is Jaritsa after graduation infront of the Ice Palace...she's great...she's an awesome of my best friends infact....this girl is soo good at still remember when me, her, amy and jacquelyn played basketball at the'was tons-o-fun. Love yeah Jar Jar...Aunt mommy poopsey..heheheheheeh..i will never forget that...and I won't forget the ttime that she laughed at me when I blew up on donnie when we were at D.C...I couldn't believe my own friend went against me and took Donnie's side..I was unaware that they kept cracking up whenever I turned around glaring at Donnie. I kept giving him a mean face because I was soo furious! and Jar Jar and donnie would snicker and just laugh caz they said I was soo red... Posted by Hello


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