Sunday, August 22, 2004

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Well, Ry, the makulit wanna be pinoy..(ahahha..just kidding)...actualy called last weekend...t'was nothing that exciting...we talked about the same stuff we always talk about online...but it was nice to hear from him, I mean actually hear anyhow, school started was hectic. There's a lot of new freshmen..ahahah..what am I saying..thats what I was last year!! I was the lost, confused, freshmen, now I see them and I think, dang, is that what I looked like on my first day?? Parking was bad as usual. They really need to make more parking garages..I parked far away from the chemistry building and it took forever for me to get to class...glad I wasn't late...well...i gotta go..i actually have another morning class...i vowed not to register for any morning classes again after my fall sem, but this is all that was available...pray that i dont fall asleep!! ahahah..i need to say awake for that class....anyhow, love, peace and chicken grease (ahaha Danielle)...


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