Sunday, August 08, 2004

blah...short hair..or long hair?? ewan ko...what do you think??? i know medyo panget ang pictures ko either way, pero wala akong magagawa dyan...oh well... Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u look beautiful with either hair length!!! kuya paul, jet, kuya allan, atlas, myles, and I were looking for you at work last week!! it was ur day off tho! =P anyway, back about hair...ako rin kailangan ang gupit!! like baaaaad! oh, just to update u on things...paul started his new position last week kaya we've been REALLY busy. the two weeks before that, he had a training seminar. with all that's been going on, i think a routine will soon set in eventually. anyway, i loooooove burlington kasi that's where i buy all of paul's clothes! i have to dress him up for work now...he's like my barbie doll! haha! our 'weekends' are thurs and friday cuz he works weekends. as for me, if time and weather permit i pasyal jet around. perhaps we can visit u at work some time!

"anonymous" haha! u know who!

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