Sunday, August 29, 2004


(HELLO CHRIS!!) a good friend of mine...great guitarist...very much an awesome Jesus Freak...He's a very smart guy...quiet at times, but can be very energetic when he wants to be. I've known him for a while now, but it's only been a year since we've actually been close friends...but so far so good. Once again, I am blessed because Chris is such a great friend. This guy is on FIRE! On fire for God...Caliente por Jesus! (don't know if my spanish is right...I took french in highschool... =p) anyhow, Chris and I work together and he's fun to work with too...We used to work in the same department together, until the mean store manager decided to separate us ...I bet it's caz we talked a lot...ahaha...oh well...So yeah Chris is such a nice guy...I wish I could hang out with him more often, but some things aren't allowing us he works all the time, and school is always in the way, and yeah we both go to different Churches now, so I don't see him every week...more like every other week when we happen to be scheduled at the same time to work......but hey, maybe we'll get to attend Rock the Universe together next month...(wadda ya say Chris?? Rock the Universe here we come!!...Toby Mac here I come!! I'll be driving if we do know why!! (ehh hem...Ft. Lauderdale...ahahah Burlyworld field trip.. =p...) why don't you come back to USF?? ehh?? let's have lunch after classes or something...... =p) Anyhow ,there's a lot more I have to say about CHris...ahah..I feel soo tempted to say his nickname..but I won't caz it'll get him mad =p...( and no Chris it' not Riverfoot..geeesh) but I'll just leave it at this...Chris is the type of guy that any christian girl would like to get to know better...**HINT HINT FOR ALL THOSE SINGLE CHRISTIAN CHICKS...ahaha just kidding**I mean Chris is smart, funny, witty, charming, talented with the guitar (oh yeah), hardworker, prayerful, and soooo on fire for the one..the only..Jesus Christ...need I say more?? J/K..but really...Chris is a great guy...a fantastic friend...a blessing...(Chris: I know you check my blog I just wanted to say...Hey there buddy..hope you get your car from Ft. Lauderdale soon...I hope to see you this weekend...BYE!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris ---- you just got yourself some free advertisement!! LOL! (JUST KIDDING! - this means you are not allowed to frown OR growl).

This was a funny post, Mical. I am so glad you mentioned Rock the Universe --- I kinda forgot about it. I think we were supposed to go (everyone from Faith), but nothing has been planned. I don't have time to plan anything - I don't wanna sound self centered, but I only have time to organize myself. I don't even know if we are all gonna go or not. I don't know who wants to go or not. Some people mentioned a few things but I don't know if they are going for real or not.

If you are going FOR SURE, let me know (maybe I can get the hotel room going). I was thinking of going on Saturday (SEPT 11, 04) - because two of my favorite bands will be there on that day (CASTING CROWNS AND DAVID CROWDER BAND!). Did you have anything in mind? Let me know. I don't have much time to do anything - or organize anything - but maybe I can work something out.

:o) E-mail me or something...

Anchored in Jesus,

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