Saturday, August 07, 2004


This past Wednesday, I almost got into a car accident, two of them. The first one with with a semitruck, the second one I almost lost control of my car while driving on the highway during a rough rain storm. Thank's be to the Lord Almighty that He kept me safe. I have never experienced anything like that before. I prayed and I could feel my knees lock and my mouth become dry. All I could do was praise Him and thank Him for covering me with the Blood and for protecting me through it all. I realized that my life could end any day now, and that (almost) freak accident was a wake up call. I don't know what it's like to be in a bad accident and I don't ever want to. All I can say is that God is good. My friend tells me that all the time. And yes He is...he is good all the time. His protection, his strength, his power is beyond anything else in this world. HE is who he says he is...God almighty, Alpha and Omega, The Great I Am, he is my Lord, he is the one who shelters me and keeps me from harm. If he could do all that to me, than my Lord, my God can do ANYTHING.

My grandparents are back from the Philippines. I am also thankful that they made it safely, that they didn't get lost or anything. I missed them for four months. It was a very longggg waaaiittt. It felt like forever. They will stay here for another year and then they will go back to the philippines. Supposedly I am going back next year in May for a small vacation. Well, we'll see about that. I'm not sure yet but I'd love to go back. I do miss the Philippines, especially my aunt Lina, aunt Geraldine, and uncle Ronnie. They are more like friends of mine, rather than aunts and uncles.

I have money for school!! My financial aid was on the verge of extinction this fall semester, but Jehovah Jireh provided and met my needs!!! Thank you LORD!!! I have it back and I enough for fall and spring! At first I was soo worried. I didn't know what I was going to do. Until one night, I brokedown soo bad, I felt like giving up and just dropping out of school. I felt like a failure, but then my dad prayed with me. He always told me that things will work out. I decided to pray on my own and so I gave my financial aid situation to the Lord and I told Him to work it all for me, because I can't do it on my own. I not only said that the Lord will provide, but I believed in my heart and I knew things will be taken care of. I had peace in my heart afterwards, and I had great joy knowing that the Lord knew what was going on and that his mighty hands were at work in regards to my situation. A week or two flew and I still had no answer from USF, but I still continued to pray and thanked the Lord. and BAM! I checked one night after class and there you go!! Money Money Money...I have money for classes!!!! They're back! Just like that. I am also thankful for a friend of mine who prayed long and hard for me. I bet he prayed for peace in my heart to know that the Lord will take care of it all. Well, I'm thankful that he did. AHAHAHAHA...the Lord is sooo good!!

I was watching Benny Hyn (spelling?) the other day and this lady was set free from depression. She just kept laughing and falling out on the ground because she just couldn't stop laughing! Well, I can remember I sure felt like that when I gave my heart to God. Before I was born again, I was also depressed, almost at the verge of saying "goodbye world", but when the Lord came into my heart, my spirit felt soo free, so relaxed, so light, so joyous! Infact, the joy of the Lord is still within me, but what amazes me the most is that it never ends!! I always find new joy in the Lord. Sometimes when I'm driving, or when I'm walking down my street, or jogging down bayshore, I end up smiling because I remember what the Lord has done in my life, or I remember the day that I got saved, or I just simply thank the Lord for his goodness or his grace. I don't know, I just end up thinking about how great my God is...He never ceases to amaze me either. The Lord woke me up early in the morning again!! Like I said it's been a while, but he did! I woke up (guess what time) at three am! I smiled and I prayed and I felt soo good to have spoken to God. It feels soo good to have that one to one communication.

sometimes when I'm alone in my room (like now), I just want to drop everything that I am doing and just pray, or worship. I put on my favorite worship cd and sing to the Lord. Sure I can't sing that well, but my worship is still pleasing to God because it's for His glory, it's for his praise, it's all his, and I enjoy doing it. AAHH I just love worship.I love it when the Lord flows through during worship. Sometimes I can't even say a word because his presence is soo thick.

Well, I could write more, but it's getting late again, I have work tomorrow. Till next blog.

In His Love,


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