Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Hello and good day!! This the final week of my summer class...yipppee!! My friends are back from the Montana mission trip. I can't wait to hear what the good Lord has done in their lives, and to hear the testimonies of the lives who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savoir. Praise God! So there's been some things that I have been thinking about lately. First it was brought back to my memory that I used to wake up every morning at three am. AT first I didn't understand why I would wake up at such a weird hour in the morning. I would just ignore it and go back to sleep. IT happened day after day after day, I thought, hey am I missing something? I listened and realized that the Lord was the one who woke me up. HE wanted me to get up and pray and speak to him, or he just wanted to tell me something himself. Well, it's been about a month since He's done that, and I really miss the wake up calls. I'm not saying that I am drifting from God, but that I just miss having the Lord wake me up to tell me something of priority, or He would tell me to urgently pray for someone that I know of, someone that may need prayer at the time, or sometime soon. I don't know, I just miss having Him do that. It's soo cool when the Lord himself wakes you up because He wants to speak to you. Another thing that has been on my mind is church. I want to get back into the children's church and volunteer. I want to teach the kids again. I miss them so much. They called me "Miss Mical". I miss having them run up to me, tackle me down because they wanted to give me a huge hug. I miss the ones who would cry because they missed their mom or dad, but soon would settle down after I embraced them. I miss singing children's songs and dancing with them. I miss doing art projects with them, telling the kids not to eat glue, and helping the kids color inside the lines, but most of all, I miss the prayer, the quiet times, and sharing the bible stories and the love of Christ. I miss it all.  Posted by Hello


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