Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hello everyone, I hope all is well to those who actually read this blog of mine!! Anyhow, hurricane Charley did not leave any form of destruction what-so-ever here in Tampa Bay. He actually missed us and decided to head towards central Florida and hit more of the inland counties. I do thank God for keeping us safe here, but I pray that everyone who felt Charley's harsh winds (which was a category 4) receive immediate medical, shelter, food, and clothing needs. I pray for all the families that were affected. I am amazed at how long Tampa Bay has not received a direct hit from hurricanes, but we can't be too sure on how long that will last. All I know is I have to continue to pray for the survivors of Hurricane Charley, will you pray as well?well, I better get going...God bless. Posted by Hello


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