Thursday, August 05, 2004

ok so this is a weird picture (again) this is of me beating the crap out of Donnie . This was taken at washinton d.c during fine arts (03'). He irritated me sometimes while we were up there. I got mad at him for making too much noise on the van, because he was beating up Amy (we play rough a lot...we'll at least they do). Some friends we are huh, but we look at it now and laugh. But hey, I still care for Don, just like I would for my other friends. I still want to get him back for making fun of me during french class (j/k), and to think I helped him get an A!! I hope he doesn't read this blog, caz I do want to add that I did have a slight crush on him during highschool. hehehe...I haven't really seen Donnie in a while, but last time I saw him, we hung out at the mall with Amy and Drew. He's still the same. Still extremely tall and lanky =p, and funny. Well anyhow, I don't know why I put this picture up, but oh's up...


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