Sunday, August 29, 2004

personal BREAKTHROUGH...

Well, today is the day that the Lord has made, and I shall rejoice and be glad in it! Hallelujah!! Today I realized that I have to get plugged back in (church). I have to get back into the children's church and to dedicate my time to serving my Pastor. I stopped doing childrens church a few months ago because school was getting in the way...and some other issues..but I realize that it was all the enemy's trickery that led me into leaving the ministry...I truely miss being with my "kids"I see them all the time and I miss teaching them and playing with them. I miss feeling God's love through them. I spoke with the director..a friend of mine... and she said I can go back and do like one Sunday if I wanted to because she knows I have school and that school can be very demanding, but she said maybe I could at least do one Sunday of teaching, caz that's what one of the other teachers does. Well, I thought about it, and I prayed and I thought...well geesh..whats the point of just doing it one Sunday? If that's the case, I shouldn't go back...well the Lord (of course) heard me and proved me wrong. It was placed in my heart a few weeks ago to go back and teach the kids, and also get invovled with FYI. So next week is FYI, I am going no matter what, even though I have school the next day, that will not stop me from attending FYI, and teaching the kids is also on the way. They have just moved into their new facility (thank you Jesus)..with a brand new A/C unit..that wont die whenever it feels like it and with more space, because I had like 30 some kids in one little room and it was soo hot and we only had one fan running and we ran out of drinks and snacks for them all...but now we have bigger rooms, more play area, and yes...a bigger kitchen...OH YEAH! more food for all!! There's also a new basketball gym at church..which is soo awesome...I pray that Meshack (my brother) joins the team..he's pretty good at it..even though he's only a few inches taller than me...hey pinoy boy got some skills!!! oh and a new gym is located in the new building...(rock hard abs here I come!...not that I am fat or anything, but hey, I've got some chubb...those chick fil-a sandwiches and Burger King at USF works wonders on your flab...not to mention building a bigger deriere!! ahaha!! ahahah..) I also know that we have a new studio in phase II..that is soo cool..that way Pastor Paula and Pastor Randy can just video tape in one area...well, so that's what's new with my many new blessings in store...we are also doing something called Kingdom Builders...well...I gave a huge seed today...more than I can handle, but I did it in's something tithe was only ten percent, but my faith seed was bigger..I am believing in the Lord to work break restore lives, believing for my mother's salvation, to bring peace in my family...also...

here's the deal..I haven't seen my friend in a long time, and I really don't know this friend of mine like the back of my hand...or like some of my other close friends...because I haven't spent time with this person often...I just don't have the capability of doing so...its not that I don't want too, but trust me..I just can't......but this person is a Child of God..and during our few times of communication...I've gotten to know my friend better than before...the Lord has opened doors to reveal things to me about my friend.....and I've been able to pray for this friend of mine like never before...instead of praying generally...I was able to pray for specifics..and it felt good to be able to carry some of my friends burdens, and lessen the load.

and so I also sowed the sacrificial seed with a heart full of thanks...for our friendship......for blessings to reap as my friend goes full flight in the my friend steps into the field as part of the workers of the harvest.....(which is soon to come in like a few months or so), and also for my friend's that they are blessed at "home" away from home. Just basically for the Lord to keep my friend close in His arms and to continue to speak, to guide, to bless and to heal my friend.

In all honesty, I've learned to care for this individual more than before, more than I ever have for anyone, and maybe more than I should. I am in constant prayer...for the Lord to reveal to me His ways in regards to these emotions that linger within me. I do not want to fall into temptation, to lust, to idolize, which I so have committed before in my past, and I want to fully avoid all that, so this is also another major part of my seed...for my own personal breakthrough...I do have those "feelings"...and I actually don't want them..because I know the reason why my friend was placed in my life (at this point)...and that's for freindship and sister/brother hood in God's kingdom...and maybe that's all that it shall ever be...but I shall never know what God has in store for the both of us in the future..and I shouldn't be worried about that anyhow...but...I just know that my friend and I are in two different seasons right now. I shall leave it as that....I just need to focus on growing in the Lord...and to be used for His glory in all that I do...

And so I leave it to this...the Lord shall receive my fragrant offering, and I shall continue to hold onto my faith...knowing...believing in the Lord..for He shall hear my cry, and know the desires of my heart, but only His will shall be done in everything that I am believing for (salvation in my mother, peace in my family etc.) , and it shall all come to pass at His timing...I accept it all...I leave it at His feet...It's all His....

In His Love,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mical...

I am glad you are wanting to be used in HIS KINGDOM once again --- Praise Jesus! Whatever your hands find to do, DO IT UNTO GOD, not unto man (Remember the POWER OF ONE/ AUDIENCE OF ONE).

"It is the LORD your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him." (DEUTERONOMY 13:4)

I love you!

Anhored in Jesus,

8:59 AM  

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