Saturday, August 07, 2004

This is at Chucky Cheese. Sandy, me, and Rj, took the girls (Lexa and Ryanne) out one last time before they left for Germany. It was a lot of fun. Lexa and I played a roller coaster simulator..well I think it was roller coaster simulator...I remember telling her it was a butt massager caz it really did massage our butts...ehhhehee..ok sorry...but yeah i miss the girls...Oh Rj, is the childhood friend of mine. I've known him since I was six. I haven't really said anything about Rj huh?WEll. he's a really nice guy. funny, even though he doesn't mean to and really into cars now..hahahah.he kinda dragged me into it..along with my brother...but yeah, my sentra can beat his civic any day..hahahaha.yeah right....I should take a picture of my little green bull one day...oh yeah this is a picture of the two dalagas and one soltero hanging on a mini-merry-go-round at chucky fun fun!!! Posted by Hello


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