Thursday, August 05, 2004

This is a picture of (from left to right) Amy, Gladys, and of course, yours truely...the one and only...MEE!! heheh just kidding. My hair was short back then..I kinda miss having short hair.... This was taken during ATF. We are the ultimate ATFer's...but yeah these two girlies are my close friends. I absolutely love these two. Amy and I can be soo goofy and Gladys will stay as the reserved, more serious one. I've known Ames for the longest time, since middle school years. Whenever Ames and I talked in class, even though I may have started the conversation, she always got into trouble, that's because the teachers always liked me better..hehehe...I met Gla during my sophomore year in highschool. She just transfered from Puerto Rico then. I love these two like my own sisters. Then again they are my sisters, sisters in Christ! I can't wait to see Ames. She's in Texas right now, for fine arts. Her youth kids made it for the finals...I still remember when she was trying to teach me the puppet master. It took me forever to get the routine right. Ahhh..i have plenty of other things to say, but I better get to bed...


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