Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Early this morning

Well, I went to bed kinda late last night. I was up doing homework, couldn't submit it online, got a zero for a grade ( poopy ), talked to a friend of mine online who transfered from UF to USF, prayed and then went to bed. I went to bed around 3 am-ish. I then woke up at 7am and decided to take a walk. I usually take my walks on the Friendship trail bridge around 7 pm that way it's not too hot outside, and afterwards I watch the sunset, but today I felt the Lord leading me to walk with Him early in the morning. And so I did. But before that happened, my mom was already in a bad mood. The enemy didn't like the Lord's plan today, so he decided to try to ruin my day by having my mom get all upset and furious over something simple. Man, I woke up with my mother screaming at my bother, telling him that he needs to clean his room. To those of you who know my family well, you all know that my mother is a clean freak (which is not a bad thing, but when it's 7 am in the morning and you have your mother screaming at you telling you to clean your room, it gets kind of annoying). Well, my brother was compliant and he took heed of her screaming and decided to clean his room before he got ready for school. Anyhow, that went on, but my mother was still in a bad mood. She decided to take out her frustration on me. I was the next victim. Well, first of all, I know everything that happend wasn't done by my mother, the enemy was at work here. My mom started to scream at me, telling me that I made the living room dirty, and yadi yada...or in filipino kalat daw ang sala namin...ahahha..all that was left in the living room was a piece of paper and my friend's cell phone and another piece of paper with meshack's game codes for his xbox game on top of the center table.... My mom freaked out about that. She said that the living room was a mess because when she left the house yesterday, there was nothing on the table. Well, what do you expect when a 13 year old is playing xbox and has his friend's over? He did clean up after himself and his friends. The house was clean, but the white piece of papaer was next to the remote control and Anthony forgot his phone and my mom freaked!

I told her I had to go walking, and that I will clean the house before I go to school (even though the house was already clean!). She kept screaming at me, getting all upset and telling me that I don't clean...oh my goodness...I love my mom I really do. She knows I clean and the house is clean....goodness, but she really had this fit over just a piece of paper on the table. But I couldn't allow all this to stop me from having my walk with God. I felt the urgency to walk and pray early in the morning with God. I knew I had to. (especially after all this...) I asked my mom for permission to leave and so she permitted me, without forgetting to remind me about that paper.

Well, I took my walk, and prayed, asking God to forgive me for getting a bit annoyed of my mother because it was soo early in the morning (and then some), but I knew I couldn't blame my mom for it. It was all the enemy's work. It was such a beautiful morning. I know I didn't get enough sleep, but boy was I energized when I woke up, and I was soo ready to take my walk with God. I guess the enemy couldn't stand it or something? Well, I prayed and I knew that things would get better when I got home. When I got home, my mom was still worrying about my brother's room, how it didn't meet her standards of "clean"...medyo makalat pa daw...well...the only thing that really bothered her were my brother's shoes on the floor! man..I love my mom...
Well, I didn't mind the shouting anymore, I got kinda used to it anyhow and decided to make her something to eat so that she'd feel better...hehe, caz really she hasn't even eaten breakfast yet, so I thought a full stomach would make her feel better, and then I took a shower and got ready for school.

My point for this blog is...through all of that I knew the Lord has something in plan for today. Because lets face it, when we get closer to God, doesn't the enemy get angry? Won't he try to place an obstacle infront of us, and try to make us fall? And when God has something wonderful in store for us, won't the enemy try to make your day a complete chaos, that way you miss out on the blessing?!?!?! They enemy wanted to make me miss out on a wonderful walk with the Lord. A wonderful start to my day. The last time I took a nice brisk walk in the morning was about two years ago. And today was a date with God, and the enemy wanted to ruin it. I usually have my morning prayer and "soul food" (daily devotion), but today the Lord wanted to walk with me and talk to me, and so I let it happen. I didn't allow the enemy to ruin it at all, because I really could have. I could have allowed him to get underneath my skin, allow him to get me angry at my mom and fire things up. But no, I refused...and just to let you know, before I went to school I gave my mom a kiss goodbye (like always...=) ) and she was sooo happy, and it seemed as if she wasn't even angry a few moments ago. I wouldn't want to say that's weird, but it was really awesome to see how the Lord changes the atmosphere when you declare Him over all. If I didn't rejoice and declare God in the house, all hell would have broken loose....the enemy would have taken victory, but no! the enemy is below my feet, and my God is above me, and He is the one who reigns in the house, He will take over all. Just a note, my mom is better, infact she just called me...she's really the hardest to minister to here at home, but the Lord is working in her...He's never resting...He's still persuing her until she declares Him Lord of her life. God's plan is not for anyone to perish right? but to have everlasting life...diba?? He is patient with her, not wanting her to perish, but to come to repentance. 2 peter 3:9 . well I don't know what else to say but GLORY TO GOD!! He's soo good...he's soo mighty..what a mighty God we serve!!

well, I've taken up almost an hour here in the comp. lab, I still have two hours before class, so I'm gonna take that time to study. to those of you reading this durring the day, have a blessed day, and to those of you reading this at night, have a blessed evening! all in all, BE BLESSED!!

On bended knees,


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