Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ever had songs just play in your head all day long?

Throughout the whole day I had this song playing in my head....

What a mighty God we serve! What a mighty God we serve..
The angles bow down before Him,
Heaven and earth adore Him...
What a mighty God we serve...

That's an old song. I haven't heard that song in a while. I used to sing that at children's church when we were living in California, but I think that's a song that I first heard when I was still living in Catanduanes. For some reason, whenever I sing it, it reminds me of the Philippines. I mean of course I think about God's great and mighty power when I sing it, but for some reason, I relate that song to the island.

When I was driving today, I usually pray when I drive to school, this song just couldn't get out of my head. After I prayed I started to sing it over and over again, until I couldn't stop praising God in my car. Of course people started looking at me crazy as they always do, but really when I start praising Him, I can't seem to stop!! It's so addictive! I can't seem to get over His goodness!

You know what, there's one thing that a lot of Christians lack these days...they lack the boldness to shout to the north, shout to east, to the west, that Jesus Christ is their lover, their God. Where's the fire in them?

Let's not be ashamed of the Gospel. Let's allow the Holy Ghost to move, and not limit it!

Yesterday I was joking around with my friend online and she told me that I was on drugs, well, I told her that I am high on Jesus!!! He's the drug that I take! I wonder if people would label me as too radical? Caz my co-worker (who also attends WithoutWalls), tells me that I am way to radical for him. Humm, is jumping for Lord, dancing for Him, shouting for him too radical?? If that's the case, what's not too radical? Does that mean I have to worship God plainly? Like I said before, I love extravagent worship, and I'm an extravagent worshiper!

I can't just sit there and not allow the Holy Ghost to move! I want the Holy Ghost to move freely!! I want to worship the Lord with everything that I've got! He gave me hands, so I will lift them up! He gave me a voice, so I will sing praises and shout! HE gave me legs to move, so I will dance for Him!

At work last Saturday, I had a lot to do in my department after we closed the store. I prayed and thanked the Lord that I had work to do but also to give me the energy to get through the rest of the night, because boy did my feet hurt! Well, I decided to sing praise and worship songs while I worked and honestly, it made the time fly, but most of all, it made it lots of fun, and it became another time for worship! I didn't care that I was at work. Frankly, what would they have done to me anyhow?

Now most of you know that Chris works with me, and he and I sang praise and worship songs together while we put clothes up on racks, folded sweaters, etc. Isn't that cool?? I wish we had our guitars! ahaha... we sang David Danced, and ahaha..I even danced!! ahahah
Then another woman from a different department (who is also a sister in Christ) joined in. Oh buddy, we could have had service that night! I was so happy!! I believe that was the holy spirit within us, who moved us to sing praises to God and we enjoyed every bit of it. The joy of the Lord is within me I tell you!! and I won't let anyone, or anything stop me from praising God!!! Give Him all the Glory!! Hallelujah!

Anyhow, I'm gonna have to post a blog about Burlington one day....I've got lots to tell you guys!! Lot's of praise reports! I believe there's a reason why I am there....and I thank God for it.

Well, anyhow, I gotta go study.....the burlyworld blog is soon to come...as for now, goodnight to everyone...BE BLESSED!!

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