Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hello was a good day...I was introduced to my new best friend..SUPER WALMART..ahahahah...I didn't know that there is a SUPER WALMART nearby...well it's like a good 30 min. or so away, but it's worth the drive! It's soo much better than the (regular dinky) Walmart on North Dale Mabry...geesh!! S. Walmart is soooooo cool...I love it there...oh I going crazy or what? I wish they'd open one up here in S. Tampa..So I heard that Hurricane Frances is going to "hit" Floriworld by Fridayish...Please, to those of you who don't live in Florida...please please please pray that it misses the whole state..This hurricane is twice the size of is also a category 4 but it's bigger, and meaner...and of course more destructive...I only think about those who were highly affected by Charley...I really don't want them to go through this one especially since they are still trying to literally rebuild their please pray... Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HeHe! SUPER WALMART?????? I love Super Walmart. I go to the one on north B.B.Downs (like 15-20 mins away from USF). When I discovered that Super Walmart, I went to that store for three days straight (THEY HAVE GREAT DEALS!!!!). There is also a Walmart right in front of the VA Hospital (they are more organized than the Walmart on N. Dale).

At any rate..... lets pray for the whole FRANCES deal. Lets pray for God to have MERCY. God is awesome... he renews his mercies for us - daily.

"Remember, O LORD , your great mercy and love, for they are from of old." (PSALM 25:6)

Love you, lil mic!

Anchored in Jesus,

10:03 AM  

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