Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Blah, I'm at USF posting this blog, taking advantage of the DSL or Cable, which ever one they have...Anyhow, I don't know who checks this blog often, but I wanted to point out that this blog has been used for God's glory!! Hallelujah! I've been having these people from across the U.S or around the world e-mail me, telling me that they are soo happy to have found another sister in Christ! Or I would get e-mails from someone who doesn't know Christ, and ask about His love! Or I would get someone who knew about Christ's love, and decided to...well let's just say not walk the walk anymore, and when they came across my blog, it made them realize what His love really meant in their life. Well, I am really thankful for everyone who checks out my blog and who finds inspiration to seek Christ again. Thank you Lord. I know it's all His doing. ISn't that great?

His Love,


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