Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hurricane Frances

Hello everyone. To those of you out of state, thank you for calling...especially Auntie Nerry. It's always good hearing from you guys, but it's also very touching whenever you guys call to check up on us...we always love hearing from Pastor Jerry too...Thank you very much for praying for us here in Tampa. Tita Nerrisa, miss you and thanks for calling the other day...I hope you get my voicemail...uncle Louis, thanks for also calling my cell phone...I really loved hearing from you..I know that I am involved with the "issue" but I am praying about it all, and I know the Lord will work through it. Hi uncle Jun, yean we could have evacuated out of state...maybe even bunked at your house for a while...but in all honesty, Frances would have hit your place too (georgia)..it was a big storm diba??

Anyhow, so most of you know that Frances was a big butt storm..yes it was...it was a cat. 1 when it hit Tampa. (finally a storm actually hit) We received winds up to 71 mph here in S. Tampa. I did pray long and hard for this storm, and I am very thankful that it was only a cat. 1. We do have minor damages to our house...lots of leaks now, tree limbs everywhere..basically a lot of debris...but that's all....thank you Lord! We don't have electricity. It's about two days now since we lost our electricity. It's ok though..once again I thank the Lord for it. He's kept us safe through the storm, and he'll provide the electricity...no doubt about that...we're all just being patient. If I got the numbers correct, there were about 182,000 people out of electricity because of this storm. The community is really pulling together...my neighbors came over and asked me and my brother if we needed anything...any help with the yard...ice...water...we're doing fine, but the people are just soo giving..really touching...

there were a lot of people at the library today...this is where I am posting this blog...since I don't have internet service at home...people didn't know what to do so they all came to the library, or to the movies, and yes the grocery stores were all packed with people restocking their fridge..if they have their fridge running...or they were buying more candles or water...etc. well we had to buy a butt load of candles too...we all slept in the living room hot and sticky...but I'm thankful that we made it through the night...Sunshine (my dog) was a good girl through the storm...she was a very very good girl..she stayed calm...although she was a bit scared whenever some debris hit the wall or window, but all together she was a good girl...my poor fish is gonna die though... =p

gotta go..time up...

In His Love,


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