Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

I just found out that Hurricane Ivan is a Cat. 5 now...oh we go again...but the forecast is that when it hits TAmpa it will be weaker. well..if it hits any part of Florida..It will be a cat. 4 but then degrade to a cat. 2 soon after...A cat. 2 is still strong, but it's better off that way, than a Cat. 4 or 5..those are catastrophic.... Please pray for us living in Florida. This year has been very busy...we haven't taken down all of our plywood yet. They are still covering our windows... yeah we are preparing early...its better safe than sorry...We are already stocking up on water of course batteries and lots of candles...if the storm hits the west coast..we are evacuating to Daytona...praying that IVan doesn't pull a Charley..caz Charley was suppose to hit us when it turned and hit the east coast instead...Ivan is suppose to make landfall by monday on the southern tip of florida...but then by tuesday...Ivan says..hello to TAmpa yeah, please pray..thank you.


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