Thursday, September 02, 2004

(pic of Gladys) Gla and I talked today too...and once again, my phone died on me while we were in the middle of our conversation....I wish I could go to Rock the Universe with her...I don't think I'll be able too..I gotta work and get some money to pay off my car..I'm kinda running low on the mula mula...Anyhow, Gla is a great friend..I hardly get to see her now too...she and I have busy schedules...I do miss our long conversations on the phone...ha and whenever we talk on the phone..we always interrupt each other...well actually sometimes we talk at the same time and it's like we don't even care caz we still understand each other and our convesation still goes on and on and on...for hours!! Also, if we do see each other..we act like we haven't seen each other in years...we get all loud and hysterical and we're like..AHHH!! GLADYS!! aHAH! mICAL!! and we hug and it's like we're long lost friends who are now just seeing each other...separated by the pacific ocean or something...ahahah...but anyhow, I must get going...My eyes are starting to droop down...slowy..indicating that I need to get some's weird....I've been staying up late lately...well before it was because of Ry....whenever he'd get was like 230 am here..but now I'm up late because of school...I bet that when I get off...I'll probably force myself to stay up a little bit longer and read something for class...I bet Ill remember something that 's due some forgotten homework..or paper..I don't know...I bet..well I bet that you guys are probably tired of reading this...nothing important was said here it's another one of my "blah blogs" I hope all is well with you (whoever you may be)..and God bless you...don't stay up late...get some sleep too ok??? (ZzZzzZZZZZzzzzzzzZzZZzzZ)... (thats me snooring) those who understand taglish...goodnight na...(ahaha some taglish huh?)...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird pic, but thanks for posting it --- ;o)

I missed talking to you too. It was nice to hear from you the other day. I figured your phone had died. I guess we'll have more time to talk during this weekend. We still need to get together to play our guitars for God! :) Hopefully we can do that soon.

I gotta go now. I'm trying to watch the news ...

Love you!!!!

Anchored in Jesus,

10:10 AM  

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