Wednesday, September 22, 2004

a reason why I don't like USF

There are too many people in the food lines!!! Man, I am soo hungry...I decided to cut my studying that way I can get some grub, so that my stomach doesn't growl throughout class...and man... when I walked to Subway, which is infront of Cooper Hall, about a min. walk from the library... there was a huge line snaking all the way out of the building...that's crazy!! ahh!! So I went to Burger King, which is located diagonal from Subway and there are four lines, but they are all packed!!!!!! I don't think I have enough patience to wait that I could have walked to the Marshal Center and gotten some grub from Chick Fil-A or something, but I didn't have enough time to do that either!!! I am soo hungry...if there weren't so many peope at usf, this wouldn't be happening...but oh well, I'll get serious, even if there weren't so many people, if people just came all at once, there'd be a line, which that's the case, people decide to get food...WHEN I WANT FOOD...which causes a back up in the line!! ahh!! which places me behind everyone else...which causes my stomach to growl during class..which disturbs my professor, which causes my concentration level to decrease...

grrr...said my stomach...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get food any time before 11am or after 1215/1230pm. At BK, lunch starts at 1030am. When you go to BK... make sure that you take a look at the lines before you leave. This semester, they have the ORDER and PICK UP ORDER lines right next to each other. Most of the people standing in the way are waiting for their order.

If you have time, go off campus (maybe not a good idea because of parking -- but it often works for me).

Call me sometime this week or text me... maybe we can have lunch together (a lunch of 2 hrs talking and 10 - 15 minutes eating).


11:27 PM  

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