Sunday, September 26, 2004

This is me and my brother Meshack. Yes his name is from the Book of Daniel chapter 3. His name is spelled wrong. Meshach is the correct spelling for his name. It's a bad pic of me, but a good pic of him, and yeah he's chunnnnnkkkkaaayy!! ahahaha...just kidding, he's a really nice, sweet, yet makulit (hard-headed), little bro. He's really into video games , cars, basketball and football. Oh and he's a huge fisherman (all because of my dad). When we go fishing we fight over who gets the nice fishing pole..ahaha..I always want the nice one. I think it lures the big fish...ahaha..nah just kidding...So yeah, he's a very athletic boy. He's involved in basketball at school, and he's planning on joining the football team next year in highschool. He tries to teach me how to play basketball, I'm getting better...ahaha...I just have a slight problem shooting from the three point line and beyond...oh and taking the ball from others...but I'm getting there...kinda...ahaha...But in volleyball, I can beat his butt anytime...ahaha..He's also a smart kid..not as smart as me though..ahaha just kidding..I'm so mean to him...I gotta stop. All in all, he's a nice brother. I hardly ever tell people that, but he is...he's just quiet at times...especially if he doesn't know you well...but he'll come around...well, he's still in middle school...I can't wait till he reaches highschool, that way he can get my sentra so I can get a new car...ahaha..just kidding...but really he's growing up fast, I can't believe it...he tells me that he doesn't have any crushes at this point in time, but I know he does, he's just afraid to tell me, caz I'd end up embarassing him...ahaha...I'm so mean... Posted by Hello


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