Wednesday, September 29, 2004

this is my ugly sad look...eheheh..I'm not very good with making sad faces...if I try, they just end up scaring people...If I try making my face plain, with no expressions, I end up looking angry...teehee..(sandy knows what I'm talking about...hehehehe)....well the reason why I put this up is caz I'm kinda sad...I have homework online for one of my classes at USF. My professor sets the deadline for midnight, thus the deadline for ch. 4 was 9/28 midnight, and well, I had bad internet connections so I wasn't able to submit my homework. I logged on at 11:45, well I tried to log on, and whenever I got to the site, ( crappy internet connection) would close my window! I wasn't able to fully get into the website until after 12 am, and by that time, the homework was already deleted from the system. Boogers to Netzero! Yeah I know I'm behind in the internet technology stuff. That's caz my dad won't let me get anything faster than dialup! Everytime I see the commercials for DSL or cable, I I had that...but I can't seem to persuade my dad into getting it. I guess I'll have to suffer. Rj is probably laughing at me right now...while he's reading this blog of mine.(stop laughing). He's always telling me that I need to get hooked up with DSL...hey why don't you try talking to my dad! geesh! If you can't even talk to him when you come over, what makes you think you'll be able to persuade him into getting a faster internet connection??? ehh?? =p even told me that you're scared of him because he works for the sheriff's office and carries a gun! ahahhaa...bak bak bak!! (everyone else is probably wondering what I'm talking's kind of an inside thing) ok, so back to my homework issue, so yeah I didn't get the grade that I wanted to. I really knew I would get an A for this homework, but I guess I waited too long to submit my work, so not being able to log in was my consequence. Well, I guess I deserve it. Don't you think? Also, if anyone has any good suggestions on how to persuade my dad into upgrading my internet, please let me know. I don't want this to happen again!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! --------netzero customer going crazy--------------- Posted by Hello


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