Thursday, September 02, 2004

USF is open tomorrow?

WHAA?? This is crazy...every school in Hillsborough County is closed tomorrow..EXCEPT...USF..go figure...GEESH!! I can't believe it...What if the Hurricane comes tomorrow when I drive out to campus?? ahah..just kidding..that won't happen...but I will be driving to campus tomorrow..MAN! I have two classes tomorrow...gosh!! oh well..gotta get it over with...I really wish they'd cancel class tomorrow...I'd like a four day weekend!!! ahahahha (no school Monday, Labor Day Holiday).

Anyhow, I just talked to another person who also attends's soo funny how I am now just meeting these people who attend WWIC...and the even funnier part was that this guy knew before I told him, that WWIC is my home church...ahahah..funny funny...

Well, I gotta go....get some books and then go home to get ready for church tonight...thanks for reading!! BE BLESSED!

In His Love,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yoooo! No school tomorrow. Aren't you watching the news, girl? J/K! I was watching the news earlier and they announced that ALL USF Campuses will be CLOSED! It really makes no difference to me - since I don't have classes on Fridays (whooOoOohoooO!).

Hey, are you ready for this thing that's coming our way? (Tropical Storm for Tampa Bay). I was all over the place today ... ya know - running errands and stuff. I'm tired. I still have to study (LOTS OF READING).

Don't show up at USF TOMORROW!... OKAY?? Promise me that you will remember this!.........

I love you!

Anchored in Jesus,

10:30 PM  

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