Sunday, October 03, 2004

The "baby"

This is just one of the crazy pics that Sandy and I took that day, well, in all actuality, this is just one of the millions of pics that we take each time we are together. We can't get over the camera. It's one of our favorite things to do, take pictures of ourselves and make goofy faces....then again, I'm usually the one making the funny faces. One night Sandy and I were talking, and I realized that I am the youngest out of me, her and Rj. Sandy already turned 20 in May, Rj turns 20 this month (on the 5th), and I turn 20 in November. And since I am the "baby" out of us three, I am usually the goofy one. Also, I'm usually the one who gets easily amazed by little things like the audible icons on Yahoo that talk, or corny jokes that people say, infact I make up corny jokes myself and I can't stop cracking up! (that's caz I'm the only one who understands it). And of course, out of us three, I am the smallest...but I am the cutest..ahahah..just kidding...joke joke joke!! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

anong 'moooocow'??? hahhaha...sira ka TALAGA!!! or shall i say it in my accent?--> "sila ka taraga!"

9:52 AM  
Blogger Mikal said...

Who posted this? Just wondering...


1:54 PM  

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