Thursday, October 14, 2004

Man, I took a test today and I was really stressing out about to release my stress and anxiety, I cleaned my room...ahaha..not that my room was really messy, but i cleaned out my closet and drawers...separated my clothes into piles of toss clothes, keep clothes..maybe keep clothes...ehehe...then i went through my night stands and emptied the drawers. I cleaned out all my notebooks, and I found three of my old highschool i read them and i started to cry, laugh and just reminisce. I also found an old picture of me and my orchestra friends from highschool. Man, I thought if only I can get back to the size that i wore in highschool, I would look soo much better...hehhee...i was in volleyball and tennis so i was pretty fit back then. Now I'm some college blob...I'm a blob on flub...can't yeah tell through the pics?!?! geesh! I found a dvd too. was one of the Left Behind series. I found letters that Gladys had written. I found notes that even Rj wrote. I found pics of me and this guy name Bryan. He had a crush on me during my sophomore year. He was really cute. Smart and a talented saxaphone player. TEEHEE, he was also very tall. I always wondered why he had a crush on me. OHH man, I then found a pic of David, teehee..I guess you could say he was my first boy friend...yes, to those of you who don't know..I've had a boy friend before...most people would think that I've never been in a relationship before, but ehh, David and I didn't last long after he got kicked out of my house one night..AHAHAHAHA long story...I'll have to explain in another blog some other time...the story is worth a blog....but anyhow yeah I fould a pic of him and I at homecoming. I found pics of me and Donnie at bayshore. AHAHA we look funny together caz he's also over 6 feet tall and I'm standing next to him holding the American flag, and ahaha I look like a little girl next to him...we're both rained out...that was taken during an NHS event. GEE, what else did I find..humm...I found letters and pics of my cousins in the philippines...and some old tests that I took from my first semester at USF. You're probably thinking that my room is a pig-pen, but really it's not. I found most of that in one of my drawers in a box. I had obviously started a memory box..and I guess I forgot about it one day and I started another one, which is on my bed right now. I'm currently looking at the things that I decided to keep. It's funny caz I even found an old JOLLIBEE receipt FROM MANILA! ahaha...we ate at Jollibee located in SM and I kept the receipt and I even found a napkin! I found a peice of paper with prayer requests from highschool. I had things such as prayers for my friends, teachers, and even those who I had crushes on. ahaha..I can't beleive it...I have a paper with peoples addresses from highschool. but I don't keep in touch with them. I guess I promised I would...opppss...ok..I gotta room is done...I'm just curious about my memory box. I have so many things in there that I want to look at...from movie stubs, to plan tickets, to napkins from washington d.c or manila, to pictures of friends, and receipts from the's full of stuff..ahaha...and the thing is...I dont want to throw them away! ahaha...weird no!?!? Posted by Hello


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