Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Birthday Mic Mic

Yesterday was my birthday. Thank you Jesus for another year to live and serve. I really honestly had a good time. My first birthday surprise was lunch with Ate Jesselle and CUTE ADORABLE...Jetty!! (love you JETJET from: your fairy God mother). It was thoughtful, sweet and boy was I full from the food! It was gggguuuuuddddd...yummy yummy yummy I've got stuff in my tummy...(Ate: thanks for the awesome cd. The songs are great! and I luv the cross necklace!). I was soo happy to see Ate and Jet. I took pics of Jet on my phone, sometimes he looks like his beautiful hip mom, or sometimes he looks like his handsome cool dad (Kuya Paul). Sometimes he looks like both! HA! GO FIGURE..he's got two great parents..LOVE YOU GUYS!!

When I got home, Gladys came over to greet me a happy birthday....i LOVE gla..she's sooo sweet...sadly she wasn't able to make it to the get2gether at sandy's...but its ok. So yeah, Sandy and Rj wanted to take me out for dinner yesterday. But I kept refusing for that to happen because I didn't want them to spend that much on me, then again they still did with that WONDERFUL DELICIOUS tripple chocolate and strawberry was the best...So in the last moment we decided to have it at Sandy's. It was good. We watched a movie, ate, and laughed and took lots of pics.

Andres (Sandy's bf) was there...he's really nice, glad Sandy is with him. I APPROVE! ahahah...Rj was there, when is he never?? hehe...just kidding..he's always with me on my birthdays...since Lord know's when...he chose the best cake...aahah and they put HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIC MIC on it...original..ehehehehehe...Well, Jason also went. I invited him to go with us so that he can meet my friends and hopefully make new friends too kasi he just moved here from Maryland. He's nice. He had a good time.

In His Love,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Short people are fun :)

Guess Who????

9:34 PM  
Blogger Mikal said...

Hummm...who posted this?? DONNIE? I know he calls me Micheal...he called me that when we saw each other at USF, and at Burlington...but I think Amy is the one who said this...if I am right...let me know!!

12:47 AM  
Blogger Mikal said...

Actually, after I read the comment the second time around, I feel that Chris might have said this...Humm...for some reason, I think I'm I?!?!?

2:07 AM  

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