Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hal went to church with me today. He actually woke up around six thirty and was at my house by eight am. The funny thing is, I was still in bed when he arrived. AHAHAHAHA...He was very tired because he got home late from work that morning, so I felt bad. Sorry hal. I am very thankful that he came. Next time I promise he'll get more sleep. His eyes were getting heavy he said during the preaching...either he was extremely exhausted from work, or the preaching was borring him out, or both! either way, he should have gotten more sleep. It was my fault. Sorry again hal. I promise next time you can sleep in till any rate, hal was able to see me play with the worship band. Today's music was difficult for me to play. I refused to play certain songs because I couldn't get the minor chords down. It's ok though, I am determined to know all the chords and play wonderfuly for the Lord. I am determined to play like Ate GingGing. She's a great guitarist, and drummer. I am determined to be like that, talented, intelligent, educated, and pretty...well I'm not quite sure about the pretty part...but everything else I will obtain! =p All I really want is to finish school and do what the Lord has called me to do. It's funny that Pastor Rick told the congregation today that I will be the next missionary. I have actually thought about that, and I actually wanted to do that during my freshmen year at USF. I wanted to quit USF and go to Southeastern and study for missions but my dad didn't allow me. We did get into some heated disagreements about my education, my future, but I prayed about it, and I understand that the Lord has not called me to be a missionary just yet. I know I need to finish college here at USF and do my best to get into medical school. If the Lord is willing, I will become a medical missionary. I do plan to work with children. My heart is dedicated to the children of this world. Hal supports me, and I am extremely thankful. Ultimately, this still needs a ton of prayer, but I will keep my eyes and ears open about what the Lord has in store for my future.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhaha....sus! as i was reading ur blog, i was like "who's hal?" but i figured it out when i read ur earlier picture-entries. btw, dat's sooooo sweeeet!! i'm extremely happy for the two of you...kaya lang, u two need to smile more in ur pics!!! dapat ngiti-ngiti na ngiti!!! like extreme ngiti with ur grill gleaming brighter than the sun!!!!!!!!! anyway, sorry that we played phone tag last week with each other...we're in the middle of moving some stuff--so medyo busy kami when paul has time off. hope ur classes are going well!! ingat ka! keep blogging...cuz u know i enjoy reading them!!!


11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way.....what's up with the time stamp on this!??! my clock says 11:40pm--- yeh, doing some late-night laundry!!! yeh-yuh!


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