Monday, January 31, 2005

Here are my babygirls...Lexa (top) and Ryanne . Lexa's birthday was six days ago. Happy birthday babygirl! I had a dream that Lexa came down for vacation and she came up to me and said.."Ate Mical, I'm taller than you!" which is sad caz she's only 8 (I believe). ahahahahha...but really when she gets older, she will tower above me...seeing as that I am such a little person...but oh well..what can I do? I love Lexa...and Ryanne...I miss my babygirls....COME BACK SOON! and bring me some german chocolates..and those gummy bears that your tito Rj enjoys! they're soo chewy and fruity! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aawww, they're so cute!! I miss them so much!!


1:05 PM  

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