Sunday, January 30, 2005

So, what's new with me? Well, I changed my major. I am not an Interdisciplinatry Natural Science major. I am now a Medical Technology major. I am in my second year, second sem. at USF and I am loving my classes. I pray to God that I get straight A's this sem. I'll let you know if I do. PRAY FOR ME! pray that I keep my sanity!! I am currently at 16 credits and still working at Burlyworld. That dreadful part time job of mine, but ehh...what can I say, it pays for gas and my car so it'll do for now. Plus, Rj comes to visit me whenever I'm working, so I can't complain. Oh yeah! Rj and I are together again, this time it's even better. It's official and we don't have to hide anything. I am extremely happy with my relationship with Rj, and I can honestly say that I am blessed to have him by my side.  Posted by Hello


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