Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So I've come to the conclusion that Rj is a dork. HEHEH...nah really we're both goofy in our own ways. Anyhow, this Friday will make it four months. Yiippee...Ok, so I've also realized that I may have to take another extra year at USF. GREAT NEWS HUH? PUH, YEAH RIGHT! I want to get out of there ASAP..MAN! but really at my rate, I think I'll be adding to my four years. Some classes are only offered durring the Fall sem., and I know I'll be missing it this Fall because I haven't taken some of the prereqs. For instance, determinative bacteriology or some crap like that, is only offered in the Fall, and I need to take some other bacteriology class before that one. I can't take it durring the summer's not offered! So i'll have to suffer. boohoo. oh and classes aren't crap by the way, I'm just upset that I will have to extend my stay at USF.  Posted by Hello


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