Thursday, March 31, 2005

Well, my prayer was answered. Jesus does make all things new. Let's just say that Rj and I went through rough waters these past few days with my dad. We were both deciding to call it quits today when we met and just see what the future had in store for the both of us, but Jesus pulled through. My dad spoke to me and told me that he trusts me and Rj to make the right decisions. He opened up to the both of us tonight about our relationship. We're starting fresh. We're going to do things right this time. From here on it's smooth sailing(as in the words of Rj), I mean we both know that there will certainly be obstacles that will try to make us stumble, but no whirlwinds or anything drastic will occur because Rj and I are going to do things properly within the eyes of God, and my dad's eyes. Lord knows my dad watches our every move, but we want to make sure we're doing the right thing, so we will do our best to keep the relationship strong and healthy. We love each other and we will make sure that our relationship is where it needs to line with God first of all, secondly, in line with what our parents want. Rj is very important to me. The Lord knows how difficult it would be for the both of us if we decided to breakup, thank Goodness Jesus pulled through in regards to my dad. I couldn't make my dad's point of view change, I couldn't have him understand what I thought, I know it had to be God, because my dad doesn't just give in and realize things so fast. At any rate, this is it from here. Rj just left my house around 11:05pm, he made us some desert tonight, and he also styled my hair for me...ehhe..wierd i know, but it was funny. I can't believe he has more ideas for hairstyles than I do. oh well...gotta love it.  Posted by Hello


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