Thursday, May 26, 2005

WOW! Long time no blog ehh!

Wow, it's been over a month since I've placed an entry here. A lot has happened since then. Today marks 6 months with my dearest Rj. I'm extremely happy and very very much in love. =)

School is going well. I am taking summer courses at SPC this summer. Why am I taking summer courses there you ask? Don't know, can't tell you. I just felt like going somewhere other than HCC and USF. Plus, it's expensive at USF and scholarships are not available during the summer so I'd rather go where my pocket can take the damage.

My brother, Rj, and I attended Acquire the Fire 'keep it real' tour. It was awesome! Truely awesome. Meshack broke down before God and dedicated himself fully to the Lord. Rj as well! I was touched and I also broke down in tears knowing that I was able to share the experience with two very important people in my life. My brother has always been a good kid. He's never gotten into trouble at school, always the kid who makes people smile, but still something was missing about him, but this time he found it at ATF. =) He's doing really good in his walk with God. He has his quiet times and he's even ministering to me. Infact, Rj is also doing the same.

He just recently picked up the guitar (he's copying me =p j/k) and he's doing very well. He's so blessed to have a private tutor (me =p ). He's highly talented, he just wanted to hide it for 20 years of his life. But seriously he told me himself that the reason why he's grasping the guitar so easily is because of Jesus. Can you believe that? This guy is growing in the Lord. He understands that God is the only one who can give him the ability to do things he thought he could never accomplish! He knows that in Christ he can do all things, because HE gives him strength (phil. 4:13)! The other day he told me "So what has God done for you today", wow! I would have never thought he would even ask me! It really made me think and even realize that all I ever mention to him are the negative parts of my day. I never allowed God to work through, and those instances when he did work through, I never noticed because I was too busy placing my attention to unnecessary things. So yeah Rj is also my accountability partner. =)

Well, I am getting closer to Ate Beverlyn from church. She's a great girl, really hungry for God. I'm thankful that she's my friend and sister in Christ as well. I gotta chill with her sometime out of the house because all we ever do here at home is chow down on food and get fat! =0)

Speaking of ATE...Ate Jesselle and I had a long heart to heart conversation the other night. It was quite a tear jerker and it really made me realize how much I love her. LOVE YOU ATE! She checks this thing often. I'm really blessed to have her in my life as well. She treats me like an equal. I've never thought of her any less either. She is always there when I need her. I really place her in high regard. Therefore, she's also a very important person in my life. Mahal na mahal ko sya. Talagang ate ko sya! We may not be blood but our closeness makes up for it. Well, I really wanted to see her and kuya Paul last week, but I especially wanted to see cutie pie Jet Jet. =( but I know when the right time comes, we'll all get to see each other.

I remember the good ol' days when we used to come over her house ALL THE TIME. Our families got close really fast and my family practically loved her and her brothers, but I'm sure they loved her the most =p . I remember one time I spent the night and we stayed up talking about our families, puppy crushes and our dreams in life. And then time flew and she got married and then she had an adorable baby boy. Man, I'm feeling old..AHAHAHA.just kidding...but really time flies and before I know it I'll be getting married and Ate Jesselle will be attending my the way ATe, it's settled, JET JET is my ring bearer!

Well, one last thing before I end this, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? TITA EMILI AND UNCLE ROMY KNOWS ABOUT RJ AND I, whoa! well, I know they aren't stupid, I'm sure they already knew, especially after I gave Tita Emili roses for mother's day. But I would have never known that they would actually have a heart to heart conversation with Rj this early. I think it's a good thing they did though because they really needed to have a talk with Rj about all this. OF course they mentioned the same things as before, finish school and priorities first (which doesn't include me), but I really feel as if I'm not much of a priority sometimes. As sad as it seems, sometimes I feel like I cause a burden because I have taken much of Rj's time. For instance, he said that we need to place restrictions and actually follow them. We can't see each other everyday, he can't come over my house every day and spend hours and hours here and then just run home for ten minutes and then jolt out of the house again because he has work till midnight. WE can't talk on the phone at night because if we do we'll end up talking till 3 am, which is my fault caz I am quite the chatter box.

He understands that it's important that we spend time together,but I feel that I've been taking a lot of his time and that I haven't been such a good girlfriend. I don't know, maybe it's just my stinking emotions again, but I really do feel horrible.

So I've decided that I am going to abide by his restrictions and that I need to keep in mind that this will only make us stronger for the future. We need to listen to our parents that way things go smoothly for the both of us. I want to make sure that everything is done properly and that everyone is happy. Plus I can live without seeing him for a couple days right? ..........right?..............right?

**breathing really hard** I can do this...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup yup, you're right, I check this often! hahaha.
Think of it as a test...of the emergency broadcasting system....jk....Both of your parents mean very well for your future. They know their babies are growing up and them placing these 'restrictions' on your lives/priorities/EDUCATION/everything is a way for THEM to feel SECURE about YOUR FUTURE WELL-BEING. Once that's stable, they'll have nothing [or just LESS] to be concerned about. So 'humor them' by 'working with them', not against them. You'll spare yourself a head full of gray hairs, too.
On a totally different subject, we have a SW Epi. III. Want to watch it again?? is soooooo badass! pardon my lingo, but bad-butt just doesn't flow right.
call me, let's play phone tag!

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from jesselle

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