Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hello hello hello! Well, I just finished eating some general chow's chicken. Yumm, but icky when the adipose starts to build up around my gluteus maximus. I used to weigh 140 for a tall 5 "footer", but now I'm down to 115ish. I used to run almost every day. I wouldn't let anything get in the way. It was my priority to stay in shape, look, and feel good. But now, I get so lazy easily, it's really killing me! I need some form of inspiration. The general chow chicken isn't helping either. At 140 I was really over weight for my height. My old manager at Burlington talked to me personally in the office and asked if I was pregnant! That made me snap out of my over eating routine and jump into my exercise finatic mode. Humm...but for some reason, it's hard for me to fully jump back into it. Sometimes I get soo motivated to run, other times I just get so darn lazy! Poopy! Give me some inspiration...PLEASE!!!!!!  Posted by Hello


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