Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Today was a good day, except for the fact that it rained. I just found out not too long ago that Gary Valenciano is sick. He is currently diagnosed with an enlarged heart, as far as all the medical terms and what his exact condition is, I have no idea to that aspect because I haven't spoken to Ate Cicelle directly. I hope he heals as soon as possible. I hope he's not in any grave condition. Lord, I pray that you heal him. Our dinner is canceled for Thursday I found out, therefore I will not be performing my dance routine. Instead, the dinner will be held on Friday, the afternoon before the concert. I'm actually excited about meeting Gary V. I just hope he's doing well right now. My prayers go out to Gary and his condition.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My dearest Rj,

I really miss you. I know that you're having a blast there in Germany. Right now, I'm having a slight breakdown. I want to express how I feel, how much I long to be with you. I miss your tender touch. I miss your sweet kiss. I miss your strong arms. I miss how perfectly I fit in those arms. I miss hearing your voice whisper in my ear "I love you". I can't wait to see you again. I want to laugh and even joke around with you. I miss our fun times. Please come back home soon. Yes, I am counting off. There are currently 9 weeks left before your arival. I promise I will be at the airport waiting for you. I wish we would be together on our first year anniversary. I wish we'd be together for christmas as well, but I will have to wait for new years eve. Hopefully you'll have the opportunity to swing by before the clock strikes midnight. Please do try your best. Rj, so far, from what I've learned, being away from the ones you love is very difficult. I've come to understand as well that I need to be strong and use this time on my own to fortify my walk with God, and even as an individual. It's hard though when things get rough here and all I want to do is cry and be in your arms as you console my sadness. But it's ok...you wont be much longer. 9 more weeks that's all. I really miss you, you don't know how much. I've been thinking a lot about how dedicated I am to our relationship. I am very comitted to loving you forever. this past 25th of october was our 11th month, and I already know it in my heart that you are the one for me. It makes me cry with tears of joy knowing that you are the one....the one...the only..my true everlasting love. i CAN'T THANK GOD ENOUGH. rj, youll never know and comprehend the true capacity of love that I hold within my heart. The Lord knows, because he's given it to me to share with you, but even if you won't understand, it's ok, just know that I love you...and no matter what I will always be here for you. Rj since the day I first met you, you've made my heart skip a beat. You've made my tears of sadness, turn to tears of joy. You've been the best friend i could ever have. YOU COMPLETE ME.

well, i can't make this any longer because I need to study and go to bed, but remember, I love you with all my heart. Everyday my love for you intensifies.

In His Love,

Friday, July 01, 2005

Meshack arrived yesterday night around 10 pm. I was soo excited to see my little brother! Actually he's taller than me now =p. I'm glad, I would hate to see him as short as I am! eheh... but anyhow, I'm just glad he's back home safe and sound. Today I went to Rj's house and checked up on his late spring cleaning biz. He decided that while his parents are away he's going to clean the house to surprise them. He's actually doing a great job. The house is clean now and he can actually walk around the kitchen! ahah...I'm proud of him. I really am, because not every guy would want to clean the house to surprise his parents when they come back home from a vacation (from Germany). Yeah, I know you're probably wondering what happened during the week while his parents were gone, well...NOTHING...he's actually into this whole cleaing mode, so I just assisted him that's all. Anyhow, this past Sunday Rj and I went to Fort de Soto for our church service. We had a baptism that day. It brought back memories of when he got baptized during our senior year in highschool. although it was rainy, windy and chilly that day, it was still memorable for the two of us. That was the day that he declared himself a born-again Christian before the whole world! =P but really he took that step to get baptized again as a born again believer. Some people might wonder if I forced him into my faith, but nah, really it was all his decision. Before when he first had a glimpse of God during a youth convention during our senior year in highschool, he was afraid to accept that he is a new creation, that his life would change and that it would be a hard walk because he somewhat believes differently than his family now, but at this present time, he understands that he's an adult and that he can make his own decisions. Most importantly, he knows the reasons why he decided to give his life to God, he understands fully that even though he's not Catholic anymore, God is still God in both faiths. It isn't about him changing religions, because Catholics and born again believers believe in the same God, it's how they worship is where the difference lies. I know there are more differences, but Rj knows that this is what he wants, and what his calling is. I loved him even when he was a Catholic, and I accepted him for that and how he was raised. We discussed our differences in religions and we knew that we wouldn't let that get in the way of the love that we have for each other. But somehow, somewhere along the line, Rj decided that it was time for him to chase after God and surrendering his life to God was his way of doing so. ATF really changed his life, and it did with mine as well. That's another aspect that we both have in common, ATF was the way God spoke to us. You know what guys, I'm very glad that God allowed us to cross paths at such a young age, but I'm very thankful that God has called us together. We are going to do our best to grow together in God. God is our foundation.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I just left class and I am really happy about my grade. A+ baby! God is good! I am doing really well in my Anatomy class. WHOOP WHOOP! heheh...I know that I couldn't do it without God. He brought things back to memory! I sat there for five minutes freaking out over three questions. I prayed and I realized that the only way for me to figure it out is if I stopped worrying and allowed God to work through me. Well, sure enough He did! Yippee!!

So I'm still on campus trying to get some studying done. I want to go back to Tampa and chill with Rj, but I don't think today is a good day for that. I think maybe I should give him some time off and just relax or chill with his guy friends. Maybe I'll stay out of his hair for today. What do you think? I do need this time to myself so I can study, but boy am I craving for some cuddling! eheh...but seriously I think it would be best if I just give him some space of his own. I don't want to smother him and engulf him too much yeah know?

Jet's birthday just past and I am soo happy that I was able to see him! He's soo cutie cute cute!! SSSOOOO CUTE!!! mmm mmm cute! He's so big for a 2 year old! ehhehe...I thought he was three already! It was so cute when he rolled his own piece of cake over to his plate..ahaha..and when he was making dunks on his new basketball hoop (AIR JET, could be a new shoe someday!). Happy Birthday JET JET!! auntie lubs you!! muah! (like he can read this..ehehe)

Well, I am officially loving SPC. Today they gave out free Subway! oh yeah! And I was starving too! Not only did they give out the subs, but it was included with drinks, chips and...A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE!! yumm!! USf wouldn't do that! shoot, they make us pay for those over priced sandwhiches..period!! but I'm not saying that I'm dissing USF..I'm still a Bull. It's just that this summer I'm a Bull/no mascot SPC chick...ehehe..

Well, I must get going. I need to study hard for my exam tomorrow...


In His Love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ok ok, so it's not that I need to loose any more pounds, it's more along the line of "I need to tone". I hate the wiggle in my jiggle! I gotta tone because Rj keeps squeezing my the fat. It's not that he's disgusted or he's making me feel self-conscious about myself, but it's more of the fact that I know I need to tone, I'm just not doing anything about it right now. Anyhow, I had a good day today. My class went well. I got an A on my anatomy exam, Rj and I were able to hang out today. You know what, it's his fault that I'm wiggling. He keeps feeding me greasy chinese food! Too much buffet! Goodness!  Posted by Hello

Hello hello hello! Well, I just finished eating some general chow's chicken. Yumm, but icky when the adipose starts to build up around my gluteus maximus. I used to weigh 140 for a tall 5 "footer", but now I'm down to 115ish. I used to run almost every day. I wouldn't let anything get in the way. It was my priority to stay in shape, look, and feel good. But now, I get so lazy easily, it's really killing me! I need some form of inspiration. The general chow chicken isn't helping either. At 140 I was really over weight for my height. My old manager at Burlington talked to me personally in the office and asked if I was pregnant! That made me snap out of my over eating routine and jump into my exercise finatic mode. Humm...but for some reason, it's hard for me to fully jump back into it. Sometimes I get soo motivated to run, other times I just get so darn lazy! Poopy! Give me some inspiration...PLEASE!!!!!!  Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

WOW! Long time no blog ehh!

Wow, it's been over a month since I've placed an entry here. A lot has happened since then. Today marks 6 months with my dearest Rj. I'm extremely happy and very very much in love. =)

School is going well. I am taking summer courses at SPC this summer. Why am I taking summer courses there you ask? Don't know, can't tell you. I just felt like going somewhere other than HCC and USF. Plus, it's expensive at USF and scholarships are not available during the summer so I'd rather go where my pocket can take the damage.

My brother, Rj, and I attended Acquire the Fire 'keep it real' tour. It was awesome! Truely awesome. Meshack broke down before God and dedicated himself fully to the Lord. Rj as well! I was touched and I also broke down in tears knowing that I was able to share the experience with two very important people in my life. My brother has always been a good kid. He's never gotten into trouble at school, always the kid who makes people smile, but still something was missing about him, but this time he found it at ATF. =) He's doing really good in his walk with God. He has his quiet times and he's even ministering to me. Infact, Rj is also doing the same.

He just recently picked up the guitar (he's copying me =p j/k) and he's doing very well. He's so blessed to have a private tutor (me =p ). He's highly talented, he just wanted to hide it for 20 years of his life. But seriously he told me himself that the reason why he's grasping the guitar so easily is because of Jesus. Can you believe that? This guy is growing in the Lord. He understands that God is the only one who can give him the ability to do things he thought he could never accomplish! He knows that in Christ he can do all things, because HE gives him strength (phil. 4:13)! The other day he told me "So what has God done for you today", wow! I would have never thought he would even ask me! It really made me think and even realize that all I ever mention to him are the negative parts of my day. I never allowed God to work through, and those instances when he did work through, I never noticed because I was too busy placing my attention to unnecessary things. So yeah Rj is also my accountability partner. =)

Well, I am getting closer to Ate Beverlyn from church. She's a great girl, really hungry for God. I'm thankful that she's my friend and sister in Christ as well. I gotta chill with her sometime out of the house because all we ever do here at home is chow down on food and get fat! =0)

Speaking of ATE...Ate Jesselle and I had a long heart to heart conversation the other night. It was quite a tear jerker and it really made me realize how much I love her. LOVE YOU ATE! She checks this thing often. I'm really blessed to have her in my life as well. She treats me like an equal. I've never thought of her any less either. She is always there when I need her. I really place her in high regard. Therefore, she's also a very important person in my life. Mahal na mahal ko sya. Talagang ate ko sya! We may not be blood but our closeness makes up for it. Well, I really wanted to see her and kuya Paul last week, but I especially wanted to see cutie pie Jet Jet. =( but I know when the right time comes, we'll all get to see each other.

I remember the good ol' days when we used to come over her house ALL THE TIME. Our families got close really fast and my family practically loved her and her brothers, but I'm sure they loved her the most =p . I remember one time I spent the night and we stayed up talking about our families, puppy crushes and our dreams in life. And then time flew and she got married and then she had an adorable baby boy. Man, I'm feeling old..AHAHAHA.just kidding...but really time flies and before I know it I'll be getting married and Ate Jesselle will be attending my wedding..by the way ATe, it's settled, JET JET is my ring bearer!

Well, one last thing before I end this, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? TITA EMILI AND UNCLE ROMY KNOWS ABOUT RJ AND I, whoa! well, I know they aren't stupid, I'm sure they already knew, especially after I gave Tita Emili roses for mother's day. But I would have never known that they would actually have a heart to heart conversation with Rj this early. I think it's a good thing they did though because they really needed to have a talk with Rj about all this. OF course they mentioned the same things as before, finish school and priorities first (which doesn't include me), but I really feel as if I'm not much of a priority sometimes. As sad as it seems, sometimes I feel like I cause a burden because I have taken much of Rj's time. For instance, he said that we need to place restrictions and actually follow them. We can't see each other everyday, he can't come over my house every day and spend hours and hours here and then just run home for ten minutes and then jolt out of the house again because he has work till midnight. WE can't talk on the phone at night because if we do we'll end up talking till 3 am, which is my fault caz I am quite the chatter box.

He understands that it's important that we spend time together,but I feel that I've been taking a lot of his time and that I haven't been such a good girlfriend. I don't know, maybe it's just my stinking emotions again, but I really do feel horrible.

So I've decided that I am going to abide by his restrictions and that I need to keep in mind that this will only make us stronger for the future. We need to listen to our parents that way things go smoothly for the both of us. I want to make sure that everything is done properly and that everyone is happy. Plus I can live without seeing him for a couple days right? ..........right?..............right?

**breathing really hard** I can do this...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Just a quick hello to everyone. Well, there are a few things that I want: I want to be successful in college, and in my future. I want my family to be happy and proud of me. I want to be happy in life yet keeping in mind that there will be obstacles along the way. I want to go on vacation, maybe off to Hawaii or something. I just need to relax. I want a nice car when I graduate, but my Nissan Sentra will suffice, I'm still making payments on it anyhow. I want a six pack. I'm still jiggly...ehehe...I just want to tone. I need to work out again. It was a great stress reliever, and I loved to just jog and pray on my own. Like I said, it's a great stress reliever. I lost my jogging routine last semester...stinking cold weather screwed it up..and now I'm just lazy to get out. I want to laugh out loud and not care about what people think. I want to hike up a mountain and take pictures of the breath taking view of the world. I want to visit the Eiffel Tower in France and finally use some of the french (that I can remember from highschool, like hello, my name is, and thank you...hehee..that's about it... =p ). I want to visit children in the hospital and play my guitar for them, play with them, just so I could see a smile on their faces. I want more time to sleep. I want more time to study. I want more energy to study. I want energy to just get out of bed for my morning classes! I want free gas money! I want a nice flat iron. I want straight hair, silky and jet black. I want clear skin. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a...ehehe..just kidding! I want at least five more inches added to my height! ehehe.... =) I wish I understood statistics better, stinking hypothesis testing with two dependent means, standard deviation, stinking chi-square, degrees of freedom in T- distribution...let me barf. BLeh. I want my own day to let my hair down and sip on lemonade in a hammock. I wish I had a PSP with a camera built in. I wish I had a better laptop, and a mic so I can call Lexa and Ryanne. I wish I would get off this thing now so I can study. ehhe...I just realized I stopped saying "I want..." and now I'm saying "I wish..." ok I'm just rambling nonsense on this here blog, so I'm gonna call it quits tonight and rest. baboo!  Posted by Hello